Thursday, October 13, 2011

Little Wallets

I have been getting tons of compliments on my little card wallet that I have been using lately. It's so cute, useful, and super easy to make.

Next time, I will definitely not use a button. Buttonholes are just more work that they're worth. Plus, when I'm standing in line at the register putting my money away, it always takes a few extra seconds to button the button. And I feel guilty during those few seconds making the person behind me wait a little longer. The next ones are definitely getting snaps.

The hardest part about making these is choosing which fabrics to use. The pattern only calls for 2 different fabrics, but you can use up to 5 fabrics. I used 4 in mine. I had a terrible time deciding, so I made three wallets. They are so fast to make, and they would make great gifts.

These little beauties come from the "Little Wallet" pattern by Valori Wells. I've just added this pattern, plus a whole lot more in my store. Check them out at The Fabricologist. I'm still planning to get more in the near future. All of my patterns ship for free through the end of October! What other types of patterns would you like to see me carry? Let me know and I'll do some research.

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