Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blogging is Hard!

Blogging is really hard, you guys!

I have so many ideas and things that I think I want to write about. But then I look around in the blogiverse and find 10 other bloggers that have written about the same thing in the past year.

How many different ways are there to write about cute zipper pouches, new fabrics out there, or a log cabin quilt? What's so insightful about my perspective that hasn't already been covered somewhere?

But maybe not everyone has seen those other blogs. Maybe it's perfectly acceptable that I had an idea similar to a few other people. Maybe I really can offer something of new value on a common topic.

I guess I just really need to stop worrying, stop trying to come up with something completely 100% never discussed before original, get over my analysis paralysis, and just go ahead and write.

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